Cedric Stops By The Big Tigger Show V-103

On February 27, 2014

As if being star and creator of “The Soul Man,” co-producer of the upcoming reality competition show “Barber Battle” and host of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” weren’t enough jobs, before Cedric The     Entertainer left The Big Tigger Show he convinced many in the audience he could be the family advisor.

You see, Shanae Hall had a conversation – that she taped and shared with the listeners/viewers – with her son about sex to figure out what the pre-teen knew about it. And then she asked others to weigh in on when it was appropriate to have “the talk” with your kids.

A husband and father of a young son and daughter himself, Cedric The Entertainer gave a rare, comical glimpse into his home life, as well as how he claims he was introduced to the subject.

(And let’s just say T-Pain gets a whole lot of “credit”…)

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