Cedric The Entertainer’s ‘Whole Damn World’ Premiere Podcast April 21st

On March 5, 2014

Join Film and Television star Cedric the Entertainer as he wraps up the week’s top stories and events from the US to Zimbabwe and all stops in between in a way that only one of the nation’s top comedians can do. Guest celebrities, sports stars and politicians stop by to give their input as Cedric pokes fun at “The Whole Damn World”. Get ready to laugh!

Weekly Features:

YouTube-A-Fool:  The funniest clips from you tube of the past week.

“Say WHAAAT! “: Sound bites from Politicians, Celebrities etc. dissected for humor.

Cedric’s Sexy Recipe’s: In his best Barry White voice Cedric simply reads the recipes for our dish of the week.

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